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Homestyle recipe

this is how we're doing Granny proud

Homestyle recipe

This is how we're doing Granny proud


We are The Bangers & this is The Mash

BANGERS&MASH is a place for people who bang their own drum. You belong here if you make your own rules, make it up as you go along, & make noise doing it. (Or if you want to know how!)


We are a collective of like-minded Aussie ladies in their late 20s (read: early 30s) who do not have kids, or successful careers, or really anything to show for ourselves except this website. Help us make that a not-so-depressing statement.

BANGERS&MASH is our spot to talk about everything it means to be a woman in the world. That means clothing we like, politics that effect us (& the people we love), eating food because our bodies need nutrients, and even just a movie we liked & think you might too.

We are inclusive feminists who believe in expanding choices for people everywhere. We do that by being revolting. That means daily acts of revolution, no matter how small.

Check out the categories above to find Mash that suits your type of revolt. After all, we're not here to tell you who to be; you’re banging the beat of your own drum.

Being revolting also means having an indifference to society's definition of 'fuckable'. We are lady-like only in the sense of Lady and The Tramp: we slurp spaghetti and adopt strays as friends.

We may not know a lot, but we do know that the best bath bomb is a hamburger that you drop straight into your mouth while sitting in the tub. (And if that's not enough to understand our vibe, we may not be able to help you 'get it'.)

We know that your best colour is the one that makes you smile; that the best nap is the one right after you pull an all-nighter to hit a deadline; that the best friend you'll ever have is the one who says "Yeah, let's do it!"

So, yeah, let's do it!

xx The Bangers


get your fill of Mash wherever you are

use the hashtag #bangersgang across socials to make noise, take up space

& spark a revolt



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