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like you mean it

talk the talk like you're one of The Bangers


Ever wanted to sound like Juno Temple? (That’s pregnant Ellen Page for the unaware.)
Get bored at how pedestrian words can be?
Feel like the youth have a monopoly on slang?

These BANGERS&MASH approved sayings are here to freshen up your vocab. From old faithfuls to cheeky abbreevs and completely new jargon, there's something for everyone.

xx The Bangers

terms, no conditions

Bangers Gang

anyone who embodies the BANGERS&MASH spirit

Bang Your Own Drum

to live outside of society’s expectations

Be Revolting

to do acts of revolution every day, without caring about “fuckability”

Get Mashed
Hot Jam; Stinky Bop; Funky Beat
Fresh Mash

new articles; content hot outta the oven and served hot on your plate

Get Amongst It

to get involved in something; can be literal or figurative

Get Mashed

to be so far into the gang that you're wearing BANGERS&MASH merch

Grog Bog

the epic dump you take after a night of drinking


positive exclamation; to be used similar to 'gucci' or 'tight'

Hot Jam; Funky Bop; Stinky Beats

a good song

Party Pies

the greatest snack in the world

Plezh, Trezh

abbreviation of "my pleasure, treasure" meaning “you’re welcome, my love”

Rep Sweats

any jumper or track-pants with branding; worn on Contikis even though you didn't study at Harvard

Strong Chat

something insulting that calls for a response; fighting words

Sunny Ups

bare butt-cheeks when the person is otherwise fully clothed

Swamp Tits

the dank, musty wetlands that occur under (and between) breasts when
it’s over 30°C

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