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we pinky swear

just in case you were wondering where we stand

our pledge

BANGERS&MASH aims to always be inclusive and intersectional. Our use of the terms "woman" and "girl" are not explicitly tied to what's going on in your swimsuit region.

This website is for female forward, which means it is for women and those who support them. You can be a part of our #BangersGang even if you don't self-identify as a girl or a lady. No one's checking IDs at the door.

To be blunt: Trans women are women. Enbys can be part of our 'revolting women' movement if they identify that way. Genderqueer, genderfluid, & gender-non-conforming people are part of our gang if they want to be, no matter what day of the week. Men, both cis and trans, are welcome here. No voices will be shushed - however, a select few will be amplified in an attempt to counter-balance who’s doing the speaking in the wider media.

Also, just because the BANGERS&MASH team all live with different privileges and disadvantages, that does not mean we encompass every perspective on life. Far from it!

If one of our articles misrepresents a situation due to our lack of experience or understanding please address this with us through the contact form. We believe that there is still room for us to learn and grow in our knowledge of the world. Please afford us that opportunity so that we can share it with our readers and help educate others who have not lived your experience.

xx The Bangers
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