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how to pitch, what to pitch, and more

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We're so excited to work with you!


A large percentage of our content is produced by freelancers, but there are a few ways you can be involved in the site, so read on to see which is best for you & your content.


If you aren't already familiar with BANGERS&MASH it's a good idea for you to spend some time on the site so you can understand the topics we like to cover, the tone of voice we use, and see whether we've already published something similar.

We take pitches from seasoned pros, up & comers, and total newbies. Don't let a lack of experience stop you from pitching.


We are interested in uplifting unheard voices and would like to work more frequently with writers who are LGBTQIA+, Indigenous, POC, or belong to other marginalised identities. You can mention this in your pitch, but don't feel the need.


We're looking for content that brings a new perspective to a given topic. What are you saying that is different from every other publication? What is the takeaway for our Aussie audience?

We focus on the main categories of:

  • lifestyle

  • pop culture

  • social commentary & activism

  • relationships - with others or ourselves

  • any positive news (did they find a new species of gecko? is it cute? we need to know.)

  • comedy articles. see an example here

The main formats we publish are:

  • profiles on people we should know

  • commentary articles

  • personal essays

  • service journalism (how-tos and advice)

  • recommendation listicles (products or tips & tricks)

We also take pitches for:

  • recurring columns

  • video & video series, non-narrative

  • podcasts

  • other long-form projects that fit into the brand


Some of these we've got handled, but some don't fit into the BANGERS&MASH philosophy.

We don't take pitches for:

  • current affairs beats

  • explainers without actionable steps

  • stories that have been published elsewhere

  • fiction

  • poetry

  • infographics


At BANGERS&MASH we have two main types of content. More general site content from The Bangers to our audience, and topic-specific content from featured contributors. Our publishing ratio is 4:1 or less, so most of our content is general with less than 20% being from named contributors.

Here's how to know what kind of content you're pitching.

If you are writing a personal essay or any content that needs you to use first person, you will be a featured contributor with your name and display picture attached to the content.

If your advice or how-to article comes from a place of expertise or otherwise uncommon knowledge, you will be a featured contributor with your name and display picture attached to the content.

If you are pitching a recurring column it is likely that your unique voice is the draw for this content. In this case it is more likely that you will be a featured contributor with your name and display picture attached to the content.

All other content - which is most of what we produce - comes under the banner of general site content & is written in the collective voice. If you regularly submit pitches that suit general site content you are more likely to be successful. You may even be offered assignments if you have a knack for the BANGERS&MASH voice.

Please note which type of content you believe your pitch falls under, but know that we work collaboratively with all pitches and the final decision will be made together.


We accept pitches on a rolling basis (that's industry-speak for 'you can pitch us anytime').
Your pitch should include the following:

A working headline: What will make people click without being clickbait? What is the problem you are solving or what is the unique angle?

A summary of the content: Tell us in 1-2 paragraphs what this content will cover, how it will be formatted, any experts or sources you will be talking to. Also include a word-count estimate or video-length estimate. Here is the place to let us know if you would like to be a featured contributor for this pitch.

Why you? Why now? Tell us what inspired you to make this, and why you are the only person who can make it.

A brief bio & portfolio: Links to other work if you have it, or a portfolio website. Tell us who you are, your qualifications, and anything we need to know about your unique voice outside of this specific pitch.


Our rates vary depending on your experience, the length of the piece, and whether or not the content requires expert knowledge, extensive research, or divulging personal information as part of an essay.

As we are a new publication, we start at a base industry rate for written content. If you have a rate sheet please include it in your pitch, otherwise we will discuss together an appropriate rate for your work.

xx The Bangers
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