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The Daisy Chain

The Daisy Chain is a relay podcast where the baton is advice. We share stories with life lessons & reflect on whether life tips can ever be one-size-fits-all.

Each week a guest goes in depth about their biggest stuff ups & greatest moments, finding lessons along the way to share with others. Then, they leave a voicemail for the next guest to react to. Like a daisy chain.


The GIRL Records

Everything happens so much, but talking about it always helps.

The 'Girl' Records is a series of in-the-moment tellings focusing on the big changes in life, love, and learning how to deal.

Hosted by story development professional, reformed youtuber, and divorce advocate Hannah Darkling (who thinks you're a babe.)

GIRLINSIDE_lav copy.png

Girl, Inside is a chronicle of hobbies, mental health, &
silly thoughts in lockdown.


Girl: On The Move is the story of packing the car to drive 900kms away for a new life.


Girl. Thriving. is an ad-hoc diary entry of learning to do more than just survive.

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