Bands You Should Definitely Know By Now


We get it, it's been a busy year. We aren't here to shame you.

So, for all your behind-the-trends-because-I-actually-have-a-life needs, here are some musical artists you should definitely be made aware of.

There aren't the up-and-coming bands. These aren't the "recently dropped an amazing first album" bands. These are the acts that have been around for just long enough that people assume you've heard of them. That can be awkward, especially when your partner's best friend just starts talking about some song you're sure was on the radio last summer, and by the time you realise that you don't know what he's talking about it's been too long, so now you're just nodding and smiling and pretending to understand how the lyrics relate to the lead singer's drug dependency problem or ex-girlfriend or whatever.

Don’t worry. We're here to help.

Most of these artists are onto their 2nd or 3rd album, so if you like the sound of them you’re in luck because there’s a whole back-catalogue for you to indulge in. We’ve chosen the acts that are most likely to elicit screams of “What? They’re amazing!” when you admit you’ve never listened to them. That means they’re all very on-trend right now, we’re just trying to catch you up on all things zeitgeist.

So get your headphones out & your spotify open, we’re about to overload you with newness!


The 1975 ✖︎

The Vibe ✖︎ 80s electro-synth ✖︎ Flowing instrumental build-ups ✖︎ British slang ✖︎ Drug use and general debauchery

The Story Hailing from Manchester, this indie-rock group met at school in 2002 and played together at local gigs before officially forming The 1975 so they could be signed to a label. Their first big hit came in 2012 from the EP Facedown - ‘The City’ garnered them attention and growing radio-play throughout the UK. After the release of their third EP, Music For Cars, they charted at 19 on the UK Singles Chart with ‘Chocolate’. They were touring and selling out shows before the release of their first studio album. The 1975 have appeal as a band who write honest lyrics about love, death, god, sex, drugs, and even going down Sainsbury’s to flirt with the checkout chicks. Now riding the wave of their 3rd studio album, The 1975 are an electro-pop-indie-rock-alternative-instrumental group that has something for every mood.

If You Want ... Listen To ... chill vibes ➔ Menswear ; Sincerity Is Scary something to fuck to ➔ Sex ; UGH! ; Love It If We Made It road trip jams ➔ She’s American ; Robbers break-up tunes ➔ Somebody Else ; Give Yourself A Try

An Amuse Bouche



The Vibe ✖︎ Electronic indie synth-pop ✖︎ Banging bass beats ✖︎ Vague lyrical metaphors ✖︎ Feminism and #believeallsurvivors

The Story The Scottish trio officially formed in 2011, however musicians Iain Cook and Martin Doherty had known each other since 2003. Lauren Mayberry was initially brought on as a back-up vocalist but her skills wowed the guys and she was promoted to frontwoman. Their first official single, ‘The Mother We Share’, was a breakout hit and CHVRCH𝝣S have since released a total of 3 studio albums. After the release of their collaboration with Marshmello, the band made a statement about his choice to work with convicted abuser Chris Brown. After receiving threats online from Brown’s fans, Mayberry said "We were like, 'maybe don’t promote serial convicted violence to kids, to young people,' and then they were like 'you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna rape you and shoot you.' You kind of proved the point."

If You Want ... Listen To ... patriarchy smashing ➔ Bury It ; Leave A Trace tunes to sweat to ➔ Gun ; We Sink make-out tracks ➔ Here With Me ; Forever ; Tether nostalgia vibes ➔ Graffiti ; Really Gone

A Teaser


Lennon Stella ✖︎