Get This Raunchy Rap Stuck In Your Head!


Broad City broached it in February of 2015. Deadpool celebrated International Women’s Day with it in 2016. And even way back in 2006 Weeds was ahead of the curve when Andy said “It’s big!”

We are, of course, talking about pegging. That is to say back door action. Booty spelunking. “Visiting Uranus”?

…it’s the act of strapping on a dildo and penetrating someone (usually a man) in the behind. The reversal of typical gender roles in the bedroom is not only bringing equality, it’s also bringing pleasure. Having a prostate makes it easier to achieve orgasm from anal sex, so there is more to gain for someone with one than for someone without. So, that begs the question - why are men still not all aboard the pegging train?

There have been jokes and references to pegging over the years, but not many positive celebrations of the act in mainstream media. Here at BANGERS&MASH we’ve been hanging out for the next taboo-breaking reference to butt stuff and we think we’ve found it.

Aida Goitom - stand up comedian, writer, and rapper from Nebraska - took to twitter to share her frustrations with men in the dating scene:

Preach, sis! Two hours later she was back, with a rap about it - and get ready folks because this one is catchier than a game of hot potato. You can thank us when you’re tapping out the beat on the steering wheel on the way to work tomorrow.

How cute is the twerk at the end? Heart eyes!

Cheers, Aida, for giving us something to serenade our future partners with, and know that you do not need to apologise!

And to all of you - good luck in your pegging endeavours.

xx The Bangers

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